How to Add Music to Obs Scene?

The scenario you want to add music to is the one you choose when you open Streamlabs. Select media source after clicking add a new source. Select a music file (can be any file type in image). To have the music repeat, choose “Loop,” then click “Done.”

Similarly, How do I add music to a scene in Streamlabs OBS?

The scenario you want to add music to is the one you choose when you open Streamlabs. Select media source after clicking add a new source. Select a music file (can be any file type in image). To have the music repeat, choose “Loop,” then click “Done.”

Also, it is asked, How do I add background music to my stream?

Music provided by Twitch Install the Soundtrack Plugin after downloading it. Open OBS Studio and click the “+” sign in the “Sources” box. In the pop-up window, there will be a source labeled “VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch” that is already prepared for usage.

Secondly, How do I add media sources to OBS?

In OBS, how to Add a Looping Video media source of choice. Under the ‘Sources’ column, click the plus sign (+). Click on the “media source” option, which you should see. The layer’s name. It’s crucial to make sure the layer has a label when adding several layers. search for the video file. Look for a video you want to loop.

Also, How do I stream music from Spotify to Streamlabs?

Adding Spotify to Streamlabs: Instructions Open Spotify on your PC and add some songs to your queue. Click the Editor icon in the upper-left icon menu after launching Streamlabs. On the Streamlabs Editor screen, look for the Mixer tab, which is probably in the bottom-right corner.

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People also ask, How do I add Spotify to my stream?

You may navigate to the Twitch dashboard > Extensions and look for Spotify Now Playing if you want to display what is now playing on Spotify in your Twitch feed. When you configure this extension, the song that is now being played on Spotify will appear in your stream.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I add Apple Music to Streamlabs OBS?

Start by launching Streamlabs OBS. Additionally, launch Apple Music, Spotify, or any other music-playing program and leave it minimized for the time being. Click the plus symbol (+) next to the Sources section in OBS. Step 2: On the next screen, click Window Capture.

Can I play copyrighted music on Twitch?

Streaming Music and Sharing We request that authors exclusively distribute works for which they have the required permissions. If you submit or broadcast anything that includes copyrighted music without having the necessary permissions or rights to distribute it on Twitch, you are in violation of our rules.

Can I play Spotify on Twitch?

Playing music from streaming providers like Spotify is no longer permitted on Twitch.

Does OBS capture audio?

OBS, a lightweight yet capable program, is often used to record streaming videos by users who like its performance. Especially with a gaming PC, simultaneously recording and streaming doesn’t need much computing power. OBS, however, can also record desktop audio directly, which is helpful for other things.

Why can’t I hear game audio in OBS?

The monitor audio will be broadcast by OBS Studio by default to the default playback device. Click on the Audio tab in the OBS Studio settings to change the monitoring output device. The audio device that will play back the monitored audio may be found under Monitoring Device.

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What is audio input capture OBS?

A device that absorbs sound waves is called input (mic). A sound-emitting device is called an output (speaker). OBS has the ability to record both input and output devices (if they present in your PC)

How do I put YouTube videos on OBS?

Select Stream under Settings. Paste the stream key below after making sure YouTube is chosen as a service. Click Apply before leaving and leave the Server at its default setting. Instantaneously, OBS Studio and YouTube are connected.

Can you edit audio in OBS?

Yes! And especially for you, here is a list of them: Video editors are here mostly to edit videos, as suggested by their name. However, their primary goal is to assist you in taking your video and adding, removing, or layering sections of your video and audio to help construct the final file. Some may also be used as compositors and/or for audio post-production work.

Does OBS record audio and video separately?

OBS down-mixes recordings by default into a single audio track. If you record gameplay, commentary, and music simultaneously, they are all stored to the same audio track in the finished product.

Can i stream and listen to music?

A song’s license is granted for personal use if you pay for it; public usage is defined as using it during a live broadcast. You still need authorization to play the music on your live stream, even if you paid for it.

Can I play YouTube music on Twitch?

There is a basic regulation on about the use of music in your streams: if you play any music for which you do not have the right permission, the legal owner may take legal action against you. Anything from Spotify, YouTube, the radio, and other services falls under this.

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How do I add Spotify now to Streamlabs OBS?

OBS Window Capture, first Create a new Window Capture source and give it the name “Spotify,” for example. Click OK after selecting Spotify.exe from the Window selection menu. Now that your full Spotify window is visible in OBS, crop it so that it just displays the article and music title.

How do I add desktop audio to Streamlabs OBS?

Instead of choosing the desktop audio device as the default one in Windows Sound, choose it explicitly from the audio settings. As an alternative, you may deactivate it, add an Audio Output Capture to the scene where you want desktop audio, and choose the device that Windows Sound has selected as the default device.

Streamers utilize services like Epidemic Sound to discover tracks and sound effects that they can use legally and royalty-free in order to play fantastic music on stream.


If you want to add music to your Obs scene, you’ll need a MP3 file. The obs scene will only accept MP3 files. You can download the MP3 from any website or from your own computer.u3002

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