How to Copyright a Name for Music?

Obtaining a Trademark for an Artist’s Name Choose your name. Choosing a name is more difficult than it seems. Search for a trademark. Determine the goods and services as well as the filing basis. Submit your application. Respond to any objections expressed by the Examining Attorney at the USPTO. Registration and approval.

Similarly, How much does it cost to copyright artist name?

Costs of Basic Trademark Registration The USPTO charges $275 per foreign class for trademark registration. You must choose one or more of the 45 classifications of products and services offered by the USPTO to describe how you want to utilize your mark.

Also, it is asked, Should I copyright my artist name?

To begin, it’s crucial to understand that trademarking your band or artist name is not required. Unlike music copyright, which provides rights to the author or owner of an original work instantly, trademarking does not happen by itself. Instead, it’s something you have to register for.

Secondly, How do I protect my artist name?

To begin, go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Click Trademarks from the homepage, then the first link under Trademarks, Searching Trademarks. Choose the first link – Trademark Electronic Search System – for name searches (TESS).

Also, Can I trademark my artist name?

Getting a Name Registered. Musicians and artists may wish to trademark their name, including a stage name or a pseudonym. If the mark looks to be a person’s name, the application must meet additional standards.

People also ask, Should I use my real name as an artist?

When you’re an artist, your name is your brand, therefore it’s not something to take lightly. However, if you’re determined that your given name isn’t cutting it, a name change might be the answer.

Related Questions and Answers

Can two artists have the same name?

Although theoretically more than one artist may have the same name, it is advised that an individual artist’s name be distinct from that of any other well-known artist. Having a distinct artist name reduces market confusion and provides an artist with a distinct brand to advertise their work.

Do I need to register artist name?

Do you need to register your artist name as a trademark? No. It is not required of artists to do so, and many never do. It may be a smart option if you’re serious about a recording career and want to achieve huge success in the music business.

How do I start my own label?

Starting a Record Label Make a business plan for your record label. Choose a business structure for your record label. Calculate the costs of your company. Make Your Record Label’s Name Stand Out. Register your company and get a bank account. Purchase recording studio equipment. Promote your record company.

How do I trademark a name for free?

A trademark cannot be registered for free. However, merely by establishing for business, you may create a “common law trademark” for nothing. The advantage of relying on common law trademark rights is that it is free and does not need any special labor, such as filling out documents.

How do I trademark my rap name?

Because you can’t register a rap name that has already been registered, the first step is to make sure the rap name you want is trademarkable. Access the “Search Trademark Database” option on the main landing page of the USPTO website.

Complete a trademark search before applying for a trademark. Protect your legal rights. Use the Trademark Electronic Application System, or TEAS, to file a first application at For an initial application, fill out the TEAS form. Make sure you submit your logo file. Fill out a “intent-to-use” form and submit it. Pay the charges.

What is it called when an artist uses a fake name?

A pseudonym is a made-up or invented name, often employed by authors. A pen name or nom de plume is another term for a pseudonym used by an author.

Do artist names matter?

Aside from their music, an artist’s name is possibly the most crucial aspect of their identity. The name that others who are unfamiliar with them hear first when they are introduced to them; the name that will be associated with everything they do; the name that will remain with people above all else.

What if my artist name is taken on Spotify?

Solution! If a username you prefer is already in use by another account, you might try using a different version on Spotify. Adding digits, underscores, or abbreviations to your available username may help you come up with an excellent one.

What if your band name is taken?

Inquire for a Federal Trademark Register CD-ROM at the major public library in your area. Look up your complete band name first, then each word separately. Employ a search company (relatively costly, but reliable). Thomson Compumark is a well-known source for trademark searches.

A trademark protects goods that differentiate or identify one firm from another, while a copyright protects original work. A trademark is formed by the frequent use of a mark in the course of business, while copyright is produced automatically when unique work is created.

How do I register a brand name?

Here’s how to file a trademark application: Choose a distinctive brand name and logo. Perform an internet search. Complete the trademark registration form. Making an application for a trademark registration. Examining your application for a trademark registration. Publication in trade mark journals in India.

How can I promote my music?

In 2021, how will music be promoted? Create a website and a mailing list. Even if social media is vital for artists, every musician should have their own website. Subscribe to Playlists. Create social media content. Contact local radio stations, blogs, and podcast hosts.

Do record labels own your music?

When a record company licenses your music, they are effectively purchasing the rights to an album from you, which they then create, market, and distribute. They’ll pay you a predetermined amount and function as your label in the region – or area – where they licensed the music.

How do I start a music career?

7 Steps to Getting Started in Music Develop your entrepreneurial spirit. Know precisely what you intend to accomplish. Create a network of people who believe in your concept. Develop your selling abilities. Plan your task and then execute it. Make full use of the Internet. Make good financial and outreach decisions.

The government charges Rs. 9000 per application per class for trademark registration. Individual trademark registration costs Rs. 4500 per application per class from the government.

How do you own a song name?

Obtaining a Trademark for an Artist’s Name Choose your name. Search for a trademark. Determine the goods and services as well as the filing basis. Submit your application. Respond to any objections expressed by the Examining Attorney at the USPTO. Registration and approval. International Trademark Registration.

What happens if two artists have the same name?

Artist names are technologically independent of earnings tracking. So you’re OK and have nothing to be concerned about.

What is the cheapest way to trademark?

The cost of trademarking a company name starts at $225 and goes up to $600 each trademark class. This is the fee for filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System is the simplest and least costly method to register your trademark (TEAS).

How long does a trademark last?

Trademarks, unlike patents and copyrights, do not have an expiration date. Trademarks will last as long as the owner of the trademark uses it. The owner of a registered trademark must continue to use it in ordinary commerce once the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted it.

When should I trademark my name?

In many circumstances, a company will wish to begin the trademark registration process as soon as their LLC or corporation paperwork is completed. You can ensure that your name is protected after you begin commercial sales by registering for a trademark before you debut. There may, however, be a compelling motive to apply early.

Can two Youtubers have the same name?

Only the URL is unique, therefore you may have the same channel name as someone else without it being an issue.

Should I trademark my logo and business name?

As a result, if you want to protect both your company name and your logo, you need register for both trademark registrations. Wordmarks and design marks reflect two distinct components of your company’s identity. Simply protecting your name may not be enough to prevent someone else from using your logo.

How do you name yourself as an artist?

Use a shortened version of your real name. Consider utilizing your first or middle name as your professional name if you have a unique name. You may even rearrange letters from your complete name to create a new name for yourself, like Halsey did with her birth name Ashley Frangipane.


The “how to trademark a stage name” is a question that has been asked before. The best way to protect your musical identity, is to copyright the name.

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To copyright a name for music, the first step is to register as a music artist. The process varies depending on the country you live in. Reference: how to register as a music artist.

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