How to Get Songs Back on Apple Music?

Download the song again. Open the iTunes Store app on your device. On your iPhone or iPod touch, do the following: Tap More at the bottom of your screen. Activate the music player. Tap a family member’s name to view the music they bought if you’re using Family Sharing. Locate and touch the song you wish to redownload. Select the “Download” option. beside a song or album

Similarly, Why did all my songs on Apple Music disappear?

Ensure that Sync Library is enabled on all of your devices, and that they are all logged in with the same Apple ID. If a song you added from the Apple Music collection is still missing, it may have been withdrawn from the service or is accessible under a new file name.

Also, it is asked, Can you get your Apple Music library back?

You won’t be able to access and sync your music collection across all of your devices if you sign out of your Apple ID or cancel your Apple Music or iTunes Match membership. The original music files will be stored on the device from which they were uploaded. Apple Music isn’t intended to be a backup service.

Secondly, Where did all my music go on Apple Music?

Turn off, then on iCloud Music Library. To enable iCloud Music Library, go to Settings > Music, then touch iCloud Music Library. “Show Apple Music” should be enabled.

Also, How do I get deleted music back on my iPhone?

On an iPhone, go to More > Purchase > Music, however on an iPad, go to Purchased and it will immediately display you the categories for music, movies, and TV series. You should be able to locate the music you’re looking for right here. To restore an album or song to your device, tap the Download button next to it.

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People also ask, Does Apple Music erase your music?

This is when things become a little tricky. Apple Music will never erase music without your permission on your original Mac. Your original collection gets scanned into iCloud, but your music are yours, and Apple will not erase or replace them with its own proprietary copy without your permission.

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How do I get my music back after renewing Apple Music?

Recovering the Apple Music Library If you notice that you no longer have a library, just go into your iCloud Music settings. To restore the library, go to the Music option and then to iCloud Music Library. It can take a few moments for your library to resurface.


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The “why do songs disappear from my playlist apple music” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to the question is that, Apple Music deletes songs after they are listened to. This can be fixed by going into your Apple Music account settings and deleting any song you want to get back on your playlist.

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