Why Does My Music Keep Stopping on Spotify?

One of the most typical causes of Spotify stopping is when the account is utilized on two different devices at the same time. If you and another person are both using the account at the same time, your playback will be paused whenever the other person pushes the ‘play’ button on their device.

Similarly, Why does my music keep pausing on Spotify?

There are a few possibilities for why Spotify’s playback is paused or the whole program crashes. The problem might be caused by faulty cache files, unauthorized use, low power mode, a bad internet connection, server failures, and other factors.

Also, it is asked, Why does my music keep stopping on Spotify iPhone?

On Android/iOS/iPhone, do a Clean Re-Install of Spotify. When data is corrupted or obsolete, it might cause app performance difficulties, such as Spotify halting. A clean, new install will typically resolve speed issues, but you must first remove all cache and stored data for Spotify before proceeding.

Secondly, How do I stop Spotify from auto pausing?

On Android smartphones, the option is namedBattery saver.” To get to it, go to Settings and choose Battery Saver. On your screen, there should be a slider someplace. Check to see whether it’s turned off.

Also, Why is my music randomly pausing?

Restart your computer. If you’re having trouble stopping your phone on a regular basis, turn it off, wait approximately 15 seconds, and then switch it back on. Whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone, resetting your system and trying again is always a good idea.

People also ask, Why do Spotify songs stop after 10 seconds?

Spotify may stop playing music you’re listening to after 10 seconds due to connectivity difficulties with your WiFi or corrupted data inside the app connected to your account, which may prevent you from completing listening to songs.

Related Questions and Answers

Why does Spotify stop after 9 seconds?

The gadget is reset softly. Check to see whether your operating system is up to date. Make sure your device has adequate storage.

Why is my Spotify glitching?

The data in the cache might get damaged at times, causing issues with use. Fortunately, Android makes clearing your cache straightforward, enabling the app to create a fresh, uncorrupted set of data. Clear Cache may be found under Settings > Apps and Notifications > Spotify > Storage and Cache.

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Why does my iPhone randomly stop playing music?

Your iPhone may stop playing music if the music tracks are destroyed. You may fix this issue by re-downloading or re-syncing music from your computer to your iPhone. However, syncing with iTunes may result in data loss, and the copied music files may get corrupted again.

Why does my music on iPhone keep stopping?

Your iPhone should be updated. You may also try upgrading your iPhone to resolve all such difficulties, since iOS upgrades often include bug patches for certain applications as well as new features. So, if Apple Music is paused due to a glitch, upgrading your iPhone will solve the problem. 1. Go to Settings and then General on your iPhone to check for updates.

Why is Spotify pausing every 30 seconds?

This is due to the fact that a shortage of bandwidth might result in delays while streaming Spotify. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular Data Options > switch off Low Power mode to see whether Low Power mode is on. What exactly is this? If you have an Android phone, you may off Data Saver mode by swiping down on your home screen.

Why does my Spotify only play 30 seconds?

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to see whether this is the case. Please let us know if turning this option on/off for Spotify makes an impact. After each update, be sure to restart your device.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing at 7 seconds?

Make sure Spotify is configured as an exception in your firewall (if you have one). Turn off your WiFi. Wait 30 seconds before turning it back on. Try rebooting your router if that doesn’t work.

What does clearing cache do on Spotify?

Your desktop app will begin to pick up Spotify’s cache after you erase it from your computer. That’s all there is to removing your Spotify cache. The procedure would free up some space on Spotify and help things run more smoothly.

What is cache on Spotify?

The Spotify cache is a location on your computer where you may save temporary copies of your music as well as track fragments. Spotify uses the music in your cache to provide it not just to you, but also to other users who wish to listen to the same data.

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Why is Spotify crashing on my iPhone 2020?

It’s possible that the Spotify app may crash if your iPhone’s storage is limited. Spotify uses a lot of storage space in order to store music in its database. The program will crash if the memory is full. The Spotify app is updated on a regular basis to fix any issues or malfunctions.

Why does Spotify stop after one song?

This might be the result of your account’s registration of offline devices. It’s preferable if you go here to delete your offline devices from your account. We suggest reinstalling the program after this to ensure the cache is cleared and to avoid the problem from recurring.

Why does Spotify keep pausing when I open an app?

If you go over a video on the different social media applications with the sound set to Mute, the music should not stop, but if those apps play videos with sound automatically, you’ll hear those films and the music from the Spotify app will be halted.

Why does my Spotify stop playing after 6 seconds?

This sort of playback problem usually occurs when the cache and cookies are damaged, interfering with the app’s regular operation. The standard reinstall approach does not always work since it does not clear all of the cache information.

Why does my Spotify only play 15 seconds of a song?

Clear the cache in the app’s settings and storage.

Can you play full songs on Spotify free?

As you may have seen, while utilizing the free service, you may listen to any tune in full using Shuffle Play. On Pick and Play playlists (playlists without the Shuffle symbol), you may now choose any track to listen to the whole track rather than just a brief preview.

Will deleting Spotify cache delete downloaded songs?

You just delete the downloaded files from your phone, but they will still be accessible to stream in your playlists.

Will deleting Spotify cache delete playlists?

Any downloaded music will be deleted if the cache is cleared. Your library and playlists will be unaffected.

How do you clean Spotify?

On a mobile device, how can I remove Spotify playlists? Open Spotify and choose “Library” from the drop-down menu. To access the settings menu, open the playlist and hit the three dots (“.”). These dots will appear underneath the playlist’s title on an iPhone. They’ll be in the top-right corner of an Android device. To confirm, hit “Delete” a second time.

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Is it OK to delete cached data?

Delete all app data that has been cached. These data caches are simply garbage files that may be securely erased to clear up space on your computer. To clear the cache, choose the program you want, then the Storage tab, and lastly the Clear Cache button.

What does Clear cache mean?

A browser, such as Chrome, keeps certain information from websites in its cache and cookies when you use it. Clearing them addresses various difficulties on websites, such as loading or formatting issues.

Why do my Spotify playlists keep Undownloading?

Try turning off WiFi assistance. Look for any options that could have an impact on Spotify’s background data. In the Spotify app, you may change the quality of the downloads.

Why is Spotify only playing clips?

You won’t be able to play songs on demand as a Free user. The brief video are only song previews. Tap the green SHUFFLE PLAY button to listen to the whole playlist.

Is Spotify free forever?

All Premium features on Spotify will now be available to you for free. You have the option to terminate your Spotify membership at any moment. If you don’t cancel Spotify Premium before the free trial expires, you’ll be charged $9.99 + applicable tax each month until you do.


If you have been experiencing “Spotify keeps pausing 2022” then there could be a number of reasons why this is happening. The first thing that you should do is to make sure that your internet connection and Spotify app are both working properly. If it doesn’t fix the issue, then you should contact Spotify support for help.

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